Siem Reap

/ Siem Reap’s health care

Despite being Cambodia’s largest tourism hub, Siem Reap health facilities and services are very limited and do not meet the international standards. This means that hospitals and clinics can’t provide basic medical care. Outside of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, health care is virtually non existent. Prescription and non-prescribed medicines are not available vastly. Travelers are strongly advised to carry personal medication supplies and covered by insurance that allows medical evacuation to neighbor countries like Thailand or Singapore that have hospital and clinics that meet the international standards.

Travelers are advised not to drive motorized vehicles at night to avoid the risk of road accident caused by poorly maintained roads, especially in rural areas. Remember, if you’re not covered by insurance that allows medical evacuation, the accident could be fatal. Emergency services for traffic victims are very poor even in major urban areas and don’t exist in the countryside.

You can't Hiring a motorbike. Tourists are not permitted to rent and operate motorbikes anywhere in Siem Reap province. If you see a foreigner on a motorbike, chances are they live here and are exempt from the ban. Siem Reap is a small town, for the most part the police know who does and doesn't live here and the law is usually enforced only around the temples, anyway.

Keeping your children healthy while traveling to Siem Reap

Traveling anywhere in the world with children can lead into a tricky adventure. Although major tourist attractions have facilities with running water, do bring things that ensure hygiene of your young ones like baby wipes. On off the beaten track finding facilities with running water can be trivial. Antiseptic wipes are also come as handy both for parents and kids.

Cambodians adore children, whenever you hire a driver or guide during your trip, they will naturally become protective of the well being of your children. For example, your Cambodian driver would keep an eye on your children and run after them whenever they ran ahead of the parents.

Do remember that landmines are still common in Cambodian rural. Keep your children away from unmarked path or fields.

Heat can also be a problem while visiting the country with your young. Though shady places are easy to find, but never miss to pack up good sun blocks, hats and bottled water.