Siem Reap

/ Dining in Siem Reap

The Khmer cuisine took influence from its neighbor countries like Thailand and Vietnam as well as China and India.

If you feel slightly insecure about tasting the local gourmet and delicacies, then head to the Bar Street (sometimes referred as Pub Street). There you can find various Western inspired restaurants and pubs. For those who wish to find the real deal of Khmer cuisine, then Old Market is your wonderland, many Khmer stalls there have menus written in English to avoid extra confusion for the already hungry travelers.

Chamkar is where the vegetarians rejoice. The vegetarian restaurant has had successfully won the hearts their customers, even the non-vegetarian ones. Chamkar is located at the Old Market area called The Passage.

The Khmer Kitchen is made famous by guide books. This restaurant was made famous by RKhmer cousineolling Stone’s front man Mick Jagger. In this air conditioned restaurant, you can find various local specialties like Amok trey and pork ribs. Cafe Indochine is located away from Old Market. They offer Khmer as well as other Asian food. Villa Siem Reap at the Old Market offers open air barbeque twice a week.