Place of interest in Siem Reap

/ Kulen Mountain

Kulen mountain ( Phnom Kulen )is a huge plateau on the northeast of Siem Reap town approximately 42 kilometers. It was one of the most important sites during the Angkor period. History of Angkor era had been started here, when the King Jayavarman II proclaimed, in AD 802, independence from Java, and settled his capital city in this site. This mountain is the resource place for hundred of Khmer temple constructions, in the Golden Angkor Period, where one can find many secret and amazing histories behind it. The mountain was source of Siem Reap River, which was later to supply Angkor city the water for cultivation and daily use. Since hundreds of lingas had been carved under the clear water on the mountain, it became holy river of Khmer Empire during Angkor.
Nowadays, Kulen is still believed as a sacred mountain among Cambodians, especially local people. Visitors who had come here always take their chance to pray for luck at a huge Buddha status. Local inhabitants believe that one visiting the area can not do bad things or activities, or they will be in any kind of trouble because of the sacred spirits. If good people pray for lucks, their wish will become true. Kulen Mountain is the house of early Angkorian history and beautiful nature, including numerous ruin temples, green tropical forest, fresh wild fruits, wild animals, and beautiful cool-and-fresh waterfall. While on the 487 meter peak of the mountain, visitors can view tremendous scenery of the surrounding forest, and can find peaceful feeling by themselves.