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Here are some useful Khmer words and phrases, written phonetically, that will come in handy. Khmer may sound confusing. But with a little patience and practice, you can get by. There are 33 consonants and 26 vowels. "Ai" is pronounced as in Thai; "ay" as in pay; "dt" takes the t sound while "bp" takes the p sound. "Oo" is pronounced as in cook and "ao" as in Laos.

Hello Jum-reap soo-a
How are you? Tau neak sok sapbaiy teh?
Good morning Arun sour sdei
Good afternoon Tiveah sour sdei
Good night Reah-trey sour sdei
Ma name is ... K'nyom tchmouh...
Yes Baat
No Dteh
Please Suom mehta
Thank you Or-koon
Excuse mee Sohm dtoh
Goodbye Joom-reap leah
I do not understand K'Nyom men yoo-ul tee
I want a ... K'nyom jang baan...
Water Teuk
Tea Tai
Rice ( cooked ) Bia
Rice ( uncooked ) Angkoh
Meat Saich
Fish T'ray
Chicken Moan
Bread Num pung
Restaurant Haang bai
Where is the ... Noev eah nah ...?
Market P'sah
Bank Tho neea kear
Post office Bprai sa nee
Doctor Peth
Bus Laa ch'noul
Train Ra dteah plerng
Cycle See kloa
Policeman Bpoa leeh or norkor-bahl
Turn left Bot dtoy ch'wayng
Turn right Bot dtoy s'dum
Go straight Dtoydtrong
Morning Bpreuk
Midnight Aa-tree-at
Night Yoop
Sunday T/ngai aa-dteut
Monday T'ngai jan
Tuesday T'ngai ong-gee-a
Wednesday T'ngai bpoot
Thursday T'ngai bpra-hoa-a
Friday T'ngai sok
Saturday T'ngai sao
Yestarday M'serl menh
Today T'ngai nih
Tomorrow T'ngai sa-alk
Month Khaeh
Year Ch'nam
Last year Ch'nam moon
New Year Ch'nam thmey
Next year Ch'nam grov
January Ma ga raa
February Kompheak
March Mee nah
April Meh sah
May Oo sa phea
Jun Mi thok nah
July Ka kada
August Say haa
September Kan'ya
October To laa
November Wech a gaa
December T'noo
One Moo ay
Two Bpee
Theree Bay
Four Boun
Five Bpram
Six Bpram moo ay
Seven Bpram bpee
Eight Bpram bay
Nine Bpram buon
Ten Dahp
Eleven Dahp moo aí
Twenty M'pay
Thirty Saam seup
Forty Sai seup
Fifty Ha seup
Sixty Hok seup
Seventy Jeht seup
Eighty Bpait seup
Ninety Goa seup
Hundred Moo-ay roy
Thousand Moo-ay bpoan
Ten thousand Moo-ay meun
Hundred thousand Moo-ay sain
Million Moo-ay lee-un